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We have the capability to integrate Analog and Digital (High Definition) frames to the IOC platform and provide Preventive, Proactive services after validating each event / incident using its unique security solution – Risk Elimination And Prevention (REAP). We can transmit the video capture of the incident to any PDA that can integrate to an electronic device anywhere in the world, delivering end-to-end IP video surveillance and alarm management feed that helps customers mitigate risk at the first instance. The operational effectiveness of the system is optimized by using Geographic Information System based application interfaces with Standard Operating Procedures based responses.

Organizations can use our video surveillance and intelligent software applications to:

  • Maintain the highest security standards for customers and employees
  • Mitigate risk of theft, fraud and other crimes
  • Mitigate security related liability exposures
  • Leverage video intelligence to improve operations, performance and return on investment and many more